Capricorn man horoscope personality

This is why he seems so serious.

Capricorn: The Lover

With those he trusts he shows his wicked sense of humor and good nature. He is principled, though he keeps his beliefs and philosophy to himself. Capricorn men are often devoted to their career, which can make them seem distant regarding family responsibilities. Capricorn women have a cool, standoffish charm. Elegant and glacial, they may seem unapproachable.

Actually, this is a mask to hide their vulnerability. Capricorn individuals are afraid of "losing face. This woman is competitive, though she is usually more interested in besting her own efforts than those of rivals. If she is not involved in an outside career, she will turn her home into a career.

She is a good, if overly strict, mother and expects the best from her children. Capricorn children usually seem to be miniature adults who are serious and a bit world-weary. Although smart, they may lag behind other children developmentally. They may have a fear of trying particular skills because they are afraid to fail. They are great decision makers and are highly logical.

They are driven towards success no matter the cost and will not let anything get in their way. Employers will love their Capricorn employees, though employees may find Capricorn employers to be quite inflexible and to push very hard to get the results that they are looking for. Labyrinthos Academy is an online tarot school that aims to bring the ancient ritual of tarot for a modern practice.

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Capricorn Man – Love, Qualities and Horoscope Personality |

View Deck. Learn How to Read Tarot Our tarot school of monsters and mischief awaits! Dive into the world of self knowledge and magic. Michael Hawkins sr Sep 26, Right on the mark with Capricorn sign.

Love and Compatibility for December 25 Zodiac

Debbs Sep 26, Alao Abiodun Moses Sep 13, Thanks for this insight,it said it all about me and what is happing in my life right now. It goes a long way for you to know yourself,i can read this article all day long. Charles Jul 23, I want to know more about my self. Anna C. Hudson Jul 23, This entire article describes me.

I was born on Jan.

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  6. You could ask my boyfriend or friends. I am very secure and reserved. I tend to be quit, and I tend to try and avoid people at school.


    I do have friends and they are almost always the only peoplenI talk to. As long as you have your own thing going on and are comfortable dating a workaholic, this should work out well. All the better if you are a generally optimistic sort of person who can stay happy and cheerful even when dealing with the grumpiest curmudgeon. Are you and your Cap a good match? Find out here.

    Capricorn Man

    Capricorn men can be somewhat craggy emotionally, but they are also sexy as hell — much like an embodiment of Pan, the goat-footed Grecian god. He will doggedly apply his famous work ethic toward your pleasure. Capricorns are all about function, and sometimes they forget that form and comfort are equally as important. But beware: Trying to effect changes in the established ways of a Capricorn man might have you seeing his horns. This resistance to change and new ideas can also result in a traditionalism that might make his house look exactly like every other one on the block — with a white picket fence and beige paint.

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    But inside, it is another story.