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Both make inspired connections to Neptune in your 6 th this week. This is especially good for working creatively, making money from inspired moves, ideas, products or healing arts, services or messages or from anything which aligns you to your higher purpose. Past efforts could potentially pay off. As could working with your intuition.

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

You would be surprised at how many successful people owe that success to doing just that. Whether they publicly admit it or not. That extra cash you could generate now needs to be spent on experience or simply reinvested to generate more of the same kind of success. Travel away from the mundane now and make your everyday work whether paid or unpaid, simply soulful. The best solution is usually beautiful in its simplicity. Beautiful moves can be made when you take a deep breath of inspired progress, Libra.

In a nutshell: The universe is inviting you to experience something new and astounding, Libra. Ready to embark on a fresh adventure? This week offers freedom. Not long now, Scorpio! By now you should be experiencing a growing certainty that something special is on the horizon for you. What is causing that sense of sure anticipation may reveal itself ahead of that this week.

The Sun in your 12 th sparks your psychic abilities and gives you a heads-up. Watch for what is being offered or extended as the Sun first links to Jupiter in your money zone and also ruler Pluto in your 3 rd on the same day. News could arrive which lets you know just where the winds of the future are blowing for you for the upcoming year.

Love, romance, money and the freedom to go after those dreams are all caught up in this thanks to Mercury and Venus in your 1 st. They trine Neptune in your 5 th this week. Think of your life as a theatre stage. What does the set look like? Decorate it in your mind. Who are the other actors and what roles do they play? Above all, what do you want to project to your audience with how you look, act and with what you say? Time to craft all of this and also to write that script as to how you want your story to unfold. When you are ready to make your entrance, think about the reaction you want your audience to have.

You set the scene this week, Scorpio. Get ready to be centrestage once more. In a nutshell: All the world may be a stage, Scorpio. Time to write, direct and act in your own production. And to know just how you want that story to end this week. And where they are also. Friends with benefits, contacts in high places, connections who opens doors, issue invitations or who offer travel or other experiences could have a massive influence on your destiny this week.

The Sun in your 11 th shines on who you know and also tells you there is no such thing as six degrees of separation. Rich friends, influential friends, people at the top — they could offer a chance to join them on some level or that helping hand up. Take it if offered. If you are on the receiving end of these kinds of benefits now, know this is karmic interest being paid forward and catching you up in the present.

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Venus and Mercury in your 12 th can bring up people from your past but also hand you gifts of inspiration sent straight from the universal source. Neptune is the ruler of the 12 th and this week both planets make a perfect trine to it.

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And also what from the past remains relevant not just for the present, but your future. The journey will be worth it, Sag. In a nutshell: Friends in high places, karmic connections, past favours — all could feature. Who helps you now could be someone you once helped in return. Your career, reputation, status or even that of your partner will be your main focus this week.

This applies whether you are in paid work or not. Or if your status, how you see yourself or want the world to see you, is aligned to that of your partner.

The Month Ahead for Capricorn

Dealing with people in positions of power, authority or influence is likely. As could be changes and shifts around your career or that of your significant other. Whichever way this plays out, this week is all about self-authored success stories as the Sun in your 10 th illuminates Jupiter in your 12 th and Pluto in your 1 st. And even offers an opportunity to re-write your definition of success if this is needed. Mercury and Venus sit in your house of friends and the future now.

Contacts, connections, groups, bands, organisations, clubs, associations, the world at large — all these play a key role when it comes to how we are seen — or want to be seen. What you send out there, your brand, message, goals and yes, that success story needs to be crafted now to create just the right impression as both planets make wonderful angles to Neptune in your business and communication sector. Again, this is all about how you want to be seen by those that matter. Know what you want to say and say what you mean for success this week. Take it out there to the masses — or those whose opinion matters to you, Capricorn.

And you defining what success personally means to you. Want to author a new success story? You have the opportunity now.


The Sun in your 9 th always wants you to stretch yourself into something bigger. Interacting with others plays a role in this. If you have been thinking of joining a group, club, gym, association — this week could see you taking that step. Others could benefit from the generosity of existing friends or professional connections as the Sun in your 9 th angles to Jupiter in your 11 th. The 14 th also sees the Sun make a different angle to Pluto in your 12 th. This again relates to someone you know who could be revealed as a powerful friend or the complete opposite.

Who this is may surprise you but no matter what is exposed, you know who is on your team this week. Craft both your professional image and your message now as Mercury and Venus enhance career prospects in your 10 th. Mercury hands the gift of ideas and the ability to get these across. You are in one of the best cycles in which to sell yourself, your idea, product, service or company. Venus in here enhances your prospects and dusts you with professional desirability. You come across as diplomatic and someone people want to work with or do business with.

Set your price and your values now and have a clear outcome or figure in mind in any business transaction. Know where to be flexible and know where to set your price. The results could just speak for themselves. In a nutshell: Step into a larger life experience. This could be via friends, travel or even professionally.

Contacts and connections open up an exciting new phase. Get travelling! Ancient ruler Jupiter in your 10 th is all about enhancing your work or career prospects as well as your status. The Sun in your 8 th shines on joint assets, your salary, perks and payouts plus what is shared with you.

It rules power money as in mortgages and loans too.

Horoscope of the week March (3 – 9)

This is a week to talk deals and to discover how comfortable you are with the prospect of getting and having more. Next week could see you tie up an important deal, contract or negotiation which features one, some or any of the above themes. This week could see you working out the fine details as the Sun makes a status enhancing angle to Jupiter while impacting on Pluto which rules your 8 th but sits in your house of long term goals.

Changes to your financial status could lead to others seeing you in a whole new light. This is not a week for people to underestimate you. Or for you to underestimate yourself and what you are capable of for that matter. Both your rulers are very much on your side this week. Mercury in your 9 th promises movement and travel. This can be a move on or towards something better. Venus in here promises big, expansive love and the beauty of experiencing the world.

Both trine contemporary ruler Neptune in your 1 st. Neptune always wants to whisk you away from the mundane. Into the world of pure imagination as Willy Wonka described it. But these aspects allow you to make it real with a little bit of effort. This could mark the realisation of a deeply desired personal dream or the start of a journey real or metaphorical , which opens up new possibilities you could only dream existed.

Step into your full potential — and your power, this week, Pisces. In a nutshell: Not a week to undersell yourself. Or to underestimate all you can achieve, Pisces. Take a chance. Perhaps on yourself. Share it with your friends! Entertainment SP www. Terms and conditions. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Venus squares Neptune too and not all that glitters - in love or otherwise - is gold… Read your weekly horoscope for November 11 th th for some sound starry advice. Mercury retrograde is helping you do an honest recce and get to the bottom of a situation. This is the real deal.