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Newspaper horoscopes can't take this subtle variation into account easily - but one would hope that a scientific study attempting to look at correlations would, although this would require you having accurate birth dates, times and locations. You've pointed out that you're not an expert on astrology - and the problem with using astrological homepages on the Web as the basis for quotes in an academic paper is that these sources are not necessarily accurate; anyone can set up a home page without the need for peer review. I'm sure if an academic were doing a study to verify the findings of physicists they would ask a physicist to verify that the methodology was sound.

For future studies, it might be valuable to consider asking an astrologer or two to review the methodology to see if there are objections to the method that you might wish to address before publication. The question of whether Sun sign is a valid indicator of intelligence is of course an astrological one, and for that it may have been worth asking astrologers how valid that hypothesis is - I think most astrologers would be astonished if you'd found a significant correlation, since astrologically Mercury and not the Sun is considered to be the planet relating to intellect, and the concept of Mercury being "strong" in a birth chart would depend on far more than the sign it is in.

It would have been preferable to have EXACT birthdates of the subjects, however, these were not available. But I see your point, but as mentioned we circumvented this by throwing borderline cases out. The study is not perfect and we are not saying that We never claimed that astrology said anything about IQ and sunsigns. As for other aspects of astrology, please also notice that we explicitly state that astrology as such has not been disproved, but that the independent effect of sunsigns in relation to personality as some astrological theories apparently claim and IQ as we tested in relation sunsigns is not likely.

Any effect of Mercury, or ascendance or such was not tested, and NO claim were made in respect to this. If you disagree please find the citation in my article and I will elaborate on it.

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After the attack Yet, allowing for that, three things are clear: The researchers have very little idea of the technical background to what they are researching and do not understand the basic motions of the solar year and the effect of leap years upon it. Even more important, they do not understand the highly complex nature of astrology and the way that popular media columns simplify it for the general public - rather like judging the entire body of classical music on the basis of listening to Chopsticks on the piano.

Hartmann, I was interested to read your paper "The relationship between date of birth and individual differences in personality and general intelligence: A large-scale study", and astonished to read the following statement in your paper: "Where one Sun Sign stops and another starts is not completely agreed upon among astrologers, due to slightly different methods of estimating an individual Sun Sign. Regards, Chris Mitchell. Peter Weber Hartmann wrote: Dear Chris.

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Regards, Chris. Follow the Astrological Association. You can check! No one claims to know!

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Getty Images. Faith in astrology aside, the more cynical among us might harbour a sneaking suspicion that many horoscope columns are just knocked out by someone on work experience at the newspaper. Astrologers study for years in order to achieve an expert level of skill and understanding. But Neil is reserved about what a horoscope actually offers. As the decline of print media has forced newspapers online, horoscopes have followed.

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