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Since then, Rob Brezsny's personal vision and influence led him to inspire several generations to embrace their free will and human responsibility over environmental factors. If you're a stranger to Brezsny's website, your first glance might yield mixed emotions. This is not a site that promotes the typical astrological fanfare.

It's not about locating your sun sign and receiving a snippet of a horoscope that will provide you with, perhaps, some over-reaching advice for the upcoming month. That said, there are weekly horoscopes listed for each of the twelve zodiac signs. Moreover, Brezsny's cyber haunt will give readers an opportunity to step inside his vision which seems to be one of positivity and proactive efforts to help restore mankind, and the world, to a more harmonious state.

In short, Rob Brezsny represents another generation of spiritual gurus who uphold the idea that human beings exercise free will over their lives, but with that free will comes great societal and ecological responsibility. Many people have become frustrated with the inflexible tenets of certain faiths and practices that seem to mitigate human responsibility over the world's changing conditions. It's in this context that many individuals feel enlivened by Brezsny's message of free will and human responsibility as a response to the tragedies that occur the world over.

It's no surprise that several human beings feel a need to maintain a positive outlook, and further, that this positivity not only makes a huge difference, but it helps the world to become a better place. Brezsny's astrology vision, on that is imbued with an individual's free will, is well represented by his most recent published work entitled Pronoia Is the Antidote for Paranoia , a title that is meant to counteract the effects of Pronoia's antagonist, paranoia. How about you, Virgo? I suspect that now is one of those times when you need to have compassionate heart-to-heart conversations with your fears, struggles, and aches.

Not really. In the coming days, life will be a good ride for you even if you fail to procure those indulgences. But here are further questions and answers: Do you deserve the orchids, elixirs, and the rest? My answer is yes, definitely. And would the arrival of these delights spur you to come up with imaginative solutions to your top two riddles? I'm pretty sure it would.

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So I conclude this horoscope by recommending that you do indeed arrange to revel in your equivalent of the delights I named. Most of the time, I agree with that idea. It's arrogant to think that we have the power to control the forces of nature or the flow of destiny or the song of creation. Our goal should be to get an intuitive read on the crazy-making miracle of life, and adapt ourselves ingeniously to its ever-shifting patterns and rhythms. But wait! Set aside everything I just said.

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An exception to the usual rule has arrived. Sometimes, when your personal power is extra flexible and robust — like now, for you — you may indeed be able to steer the river a bit. Not just because I know it's the right thing to do, but also because I know it will make me healthy and honest and unflappable. Do you have any sage advice?

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Here's a tip from astrologer Chani Nicholas: "Source your sense of self from your integrity in every interaction. I fight for a small world of humanity and tenderness. If you wait around passively, hoping that the mere passage of months will magically fix your twists and smooth out your tweaks, you're shirking your responsibility. The truth is, you need to be fully engaged in the process.

You've got to feel deeply and think hard about how to diminish your pain, and then take practical action when your wisdom shows you what will actually work. Now is an excellent time to upgrade your commitment to this sacred quest. But they're not exactly relevant or helpful, either. That's why the answers you've been receiving aren't of maximum use.

Try these questions instead. What experience or information would you need to heal your divided sense of loyalty? How can you attract an influence that would motivate you to make changes you can't quite accomplish under your own power? Can you ignore or even dismiss the 95 percent of your fear that's imaginary so you'll be able to focus on the five percent that's truly worth meditating on?

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  • If I assured you that you have the intelligence to beautify an ugly part of your world, how would you begin? It has distracted you from giving your full attention to a more winnable and worthwhile tussle. My advice? Don't waste energy feeling remorse about the energy you've wasted.

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    In fact, be grateful for the training you've received. The skills you've been honing while wrestling with the misleading complication will serve you well when you switch your focus to the more important issue. So are you ready to shift gears? Start mobilizing your crusade to engage with the more winnable and worthwhile tussle. Willamette Week.

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