India today horoscope january 30 2020

Remember to take frequent breaks during the day and avoid mental stress and tension to remain fit and healthy. The travel bug bites you this year. A business trip in April-May and a vacation at the end of the year actualize! It's best to listen to your own wisdom and do what is good for you rather than be manipulated by others. You move away from old negative emotional patterns and attitudes to bring a positive and supportive atmosphere in personal and family relationships.

You finally express your feelings to the one you love and make a commitment. A marriage or engagement is on the cards! Misunderstandings among associates and friends caused by unclear communication can be cleared up this year. In the past restricting relationships have been limiting you and blocking you from achieving goals. This year you opt for freedom and space to be happy and creative. You transform a breakdown into a breakthrough with your strength, awareness, sense of balance and good management. You are seen, noted and heard as you make an impact in media and in your field of activity.

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You have the courage to take on competitive rivals and adversaries; they feel your strength and keep a safe distance from you. A promotion or progressive change at work is on the cards! This is the year you can aim for the highest and achieve it! What's Lucky: A new, courageous attitude takes you out of limitations and restrictions into a freer environment in ! Significant months are May, July, August and December. Lucky numbers are 11, 5 and Enhancing colours are rich gold hues, earthy browns and royal blue.

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Healing crystal is peridot. Overseas travel and opportunity are on the cards! Yoga, healing and alternate therapy are of great interest and benefit to you since you are highly active, burn up energy and tend to wear yourself out. Keep an eye on your calorie intake as you can over indulge in favorite food and gain weight this year. However, you have a supple and flexible body that enables you to maintain youth and vigour.

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Dancing and walking regularly are best for you. Your heart centre is open and you share memorable and poignant moments with your partner. End of the year brings some changes in your routines and emotional patterns when you realize that some changes are needed to rejuvenate important relationships. Since habits can bring dullness in loving partnerships, spontaneous, romantic interludes, vacations and adventures need to be encouraged this year. Use this interval to celebrate both - the end of the old and the coming of the new.

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You complete one professional project and get ready to start a new venture in July and expand your interests and business. You explore potential on different levels and get involved in a lot of different aspects and activities. You infuse creative energy and enthusiasm in new professional ventures and inspire others around you. Professional success may lead to a residential move and change of lifestyle.

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What's Lucky: A new vision of life and reality is your blessing this year! Lucky numbers are 10, 12 and Significant months are October, November and December.

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Enhancing colours are sea blues and rose pinks. Healing crystal is lapis lazuli. Two important trips are on the cards. One in July-August and a vacation in October-November are likely to actualize! Travel and movement give you a sense of release and freedom from routines and patterns. You are socially busy and much in demand! Gardening or building and working with earthy elements could prove therapeutic.

Major changes outside are synchronized with inner changes of attitudes, priorities and values. It's important to keep a handle on emotions and maintain balance in meaningful relationships! You are total and focused in loving relationships expressing your feelings fervently and can expect reciprocation from your partner or loved one. Love flowers into commitment and holds a promise for the future. You may want to give up redundant personal and professional situations for something new and more fulfilling.

Changes are now possible on all levels and you need to be ready and open to welcome them. Beware of sudden or crazy reactions from unexpected people this year. You delegate responsibility and allow freedom and space to others so they can flower and grow to their potential. Guard against unreliable people or investments as they could lead you into risky business. An exhibition or showing of your work can bring fame and fortune.

Legal issues are resolved in your favour never the less it is best to settle conflicts and legal matters outside court. Don't allow situations or people to corrupt you! You don't conform to social norms and work patterns. What's Lucky: You combine your inner and outer strengths to achieve success and happiness in Significant months are July, August, October and November. Lucky numbers are 13, 11 and Enhancing colours are rainbow pastels and wine red. Healing crystal is opal. You are more relaxed and easy at work and at home this year. You are on top of things when you maintain inner and outer balance rather than being tossed around by your emotions.

Travel and positive changes in June-July are likely! An academic or training program could take you overseas for a short while. You have the will power and energy to shatter old patterns, limitations and transform diets, schedules and attitudes. You add sparkle to any event or social gathering by your presence and elegant personality. You are warm-hearted and share views, ideas and gossip with friends and family.

New experiences and emotions deepen your understanding and relationships. Romance flowers into love and commitment given freedom and space. You show amazing amounts of love and care for family, friends and loved ones. You welcome guests with the warmth that fills your home this year. You handle temporary disturbance in personal relationships with tender loving care. You are appreciated and felicitated in professional circles. Buying or selling property and financial investment is gainful.

Read the small print at the bottom of the page before signing on the dotted line. You resolve practical, financial and business matters efficiently. With your gift of communication you to make wonderful new connections with important and interesting people that lead to fresh professional opportunities. Be aware of exaggerating or over extending yourself. Positive changes and a new way of life add to your progress and career.

What's Lucky: You come up with the right answers in professional and personal aspects when you trust your intuition and insight this year! Significant months are April, May, June and July. Lucky numbers are 5 and 7. Enhancing colours are blues and earthy browns. Healing crystal is topaz.

A trip in May-June is on the cards! Mental stress can manifest health problems, be aware. A balanced diet, regular exercise and a calm positive outlook can keep you on track and in good health. Never underestimate them, you know how to handle such people very well. This is where you will see the unending support of your family and friends. Do not stress too much and take care of your health suggest Astroyogi astrologers. Grey is your lucky color for today, time between am and noon is lucky for you.

There may be a flurry of activity happening in your home at this time. Some fun times may be ahead of you today, dear Taurus. Put your work or anything which may stress you behind and really try to enjoy the company of your friends and family. This will be worth it.

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  7. Astroyogi astrologers advise you to wear something in crimson to attract positive cosmic energy. You are expected to be at your best between pm and pm. Some may wish you didn't have to go through so much pressure to accomplish your goals. Somehow you may manage to fulfill your tasks but the progress may be much slower than you expected. Avoid slipping into the rut and take the initiative to step outside the box and do the needful. If you want this day to end on a positive note, Astroyogi astrologers suggest that you should not wait too long to stir things up.

    Anything important needs to be planned between pm to pm for best results. Red will be your lucky color for today. This will be a good day for you financially as you may experience a sudden change of fortune today. This may be possible through the long awaited hike at work or maybe through a sudden windfall, either way make the most of this time and save as much as possible for future emergencies. Wear Silver to keep negative energy at bay.

    Plan and undertake important tasks between pm and pm. You will be focused and determined to meet your targets and will not hesitate from working for a few extra hours.

    Time period best for you today is between pm and pm. Your efforts today will be noticed by your seniors and those in authority so put in all your efforts. After a hectic day at work, it would be wonderful for you to relax in the company of friends and family. Wearing something in golden color will attract positive cosmic energy suggest Astroyogi astrologers. Today, you have all the aces and everyone knows it. Be confident and strong - things will go your way. You will be able to implement your excellent ideas and leave a lasting impression on your seniors.

    Any project that you undertake today, it will be clear-cut situation and a clean win. An ideal time to undertake a new task today is between am and pm. Wearing a shade of Blue will prove lucky for you today.

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    Your best bet today is to just be accountable for your actions and be honest, suggest Astroyogi astrologers. Do not worry as this time of high pressure will pass and you will feel that work and your domestic sphere are back to normal again. It is recommended that you wear the color Turquoise to stay in a positive frame of mind and the time between 7. You will be in a no nonsense mood today as you work hard to achieve your targets and you will manage to do it towards the end of the day.

    However, maintain a fine balance and to not overdo it as it may affect your health. This may lead to an increase in your expenditures as unnecessary expenses are also indicated predict Astroyogi astrologers. Try scheduling important tasks between am and pm to achieve the desired result. Wearing a dark shade of Red will prove lucky for you on this day.

    Who was born on January 30 is subtle, intuitive — they stand out due to their inherent sense of humor. They are interested in modern technology, latest inventions, aviation, radio and cinema. They enjoy observing the natural life — of animals and plant, as well as humans. They gladly gaze into the past, often expressing love for archeology. They gladly help the needy and aid the development of the youth. In love they show a tendency for excessive theorizing, so their feelings are often purely platonic. They are easily discouraged.

    In more complicated situations, they act passively and expectant. They know people well — so they immediately take a hold of their funny side and weaknesses, skilfully mocking them.