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If we have the power to increase yields, improve quality, and bolster heartiness, all while maintaining the safety and integrity of the food we eat, then we have a moral obligation to do so. GMOs accomplish this, and have been doing so in increasingly sophisticated and promising ways for more than 30 years. Based on reviews of more than studies , every major health organization in the world, from The World Health Organization to the National Academy of Sciences, has confidently declared GMOs safe to eat. This is about as clear-cut as things get. There is no longer any legitimate debate over the safety of GMOs.

Yet skepticism persists. Pew Research reports only 37 percent of Americans believe they are safe.

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Where Democrats fare worse than Republicans on the issue is on the question of product labeling. Last March, Senate Democrats killed a bill that would have prevented the mandatory labeling of GM foods. On the surface, this sounds like a victory for consumers. After all, nobody is trying to ban GMOs, just label them. Sounds reasonable enough. But the problem is that since GMOs are completely safe, to slap what amounts to a warning label on them is unnecessary, and could unjustly damage a vital industry.

I hate to say this, but Pat Roberts is right.

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The Food and Drug Administration agrees with him. Makes sense. Corporate patent trolls and herbicide resistant weeds can make life hell for farmers, and there are still some questions about the small-scale effects GE crops may have on insects and soil composition.

But none of these issues has anything to do with food safety. On second thought, scratch the Shakespeare reference. By the s, pollution, catastrophe, radiation, toxic green sludge, and super- or sub- human mutations had become so firmly associated with nuclear power that after the Watts Bar reactor in Tennessee went live in , it would be 20 years before another plant would come online in the U.

Those gigantic towers spewing white clouds into the atmosphere?

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Nuclear power plants are responsible for exactly zero greenhouse gas emissions. That glowing ooze you see in the movies that finds its way into water sources and destroys ecosystems and births supervillains? A typical reactor produces in the neighborhood of 20 to 30 tons of waste mostly spent fuel rods and contaminated incidentals like gloves and tools per year that is usually stored on site.

Compare that to a coal plant in the U. Well, what about Chernobyl and Fukushima? The ironic thing is that, of the few legitimate reservations to be had about nuclear power mostly centered on its high cost , safety is absolutely, certifiably not one of them. An extremist is a person who holds extreme political or religious views and who advocates illegal, violent or other extreme action. A left-wing extremist is a person who adapts their political activities to revolutionary or anarchist ideas and who endeavors to replace the existing political and social order with a socialist, communist or anarchist society.

Anarchy is a state of disorder due to the absence or non-recognition of authority or other controlling systems Sun. In the Sun section of the Aquarian Age politics is the central issue, but in the Pluto period the political arena has become a battlefield where the advocates of conflicting political views campaign and clash. The age of right and left-wing extremism represents a great divide where those who advocate fundamentalist, rear vision thinking, self-interest and selfishness and those who champion enlightened, progressive thinking, altruistic endeavor and consideration for others have conflicting world-views.

In global astrology the Sun is the planet of politics. He represents a moderate political position that is neither excessive nor extreme. Uranus is represented by the freedom-fighters and radical extremists. The Sun is the planet of politics, politicians, political policies and world leaders. For Saturn the known past is the safest option. A conservative is a person who is averse to change and holds traditional values.

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A traditionalist is a person who advocates the upholding or maintenance of tradition. Right-wing extremism supports ethnic nationalism. For Uranus the past is an anachronism and the future is an anomaly waiting to happen. Uranus is the realm of liberal thinking, radical views, dissent, extremism, change and reform. A protester is a person who publically demonstrates their opposition to something. An agitator is a person who urges others to protest or rebel. Then in the chart, Minerva conjoins lawmaker and judge Saturn in Pisces , a modest, reserved placement for the taskmaster planet whose hard, concentrated work in seclusion is somber, serious, and may never receive much if any recognition.

This applies to law clerks as well. A struggle with opponents is also indicated by Saturn in Pisces Ebertin and the planet's rising position with Minerva is significant if am happens to be the hour, or near the hour, that the first court session opened. Obviously, answers and solutions within the biggest picture were on the institution's Saturnian agenda that day and this remains the case.

Now let's take a look at Saturn 's condition in the chart via planetary aspects: with the Moon square Saturn aspect within orb, we find austere attitudes and support for the above 'somber work in seclusion' indication; Venus sesqui-square Saturn denotes stiff formalities and ceremonial events probably done with Masonic flair behind closed doors--many of the Founders and their contemporaries were a bunch of goddess worshipers, you know--see goddess Columbia 's statue atop the Capitol Building, for one example!

Finally, a Saturn-North Node trine suggests careful, conservative justices who followed the moral, social, and business codes of their day--and the trine favors conservative politicians and our first justices who studied the issues before them without favor and delivered well-considered, fair decisions. Well, congratulations to both readers of this post who managed to get this far as I'm certain few will!

In closing I'll add that we might wish to say that knowledgeable Minerva on her path from September to February may be said to have "translated light" in a symbolic sense and carried her rays from Pluto to Saturn , and to me this says that the Supreme Court of Saturnian justices was intended to act as a beacon of Minerva's brilliance on behalf of The People of the United States of America. September 23, : Yes, Herr Trump's actions, secret deals, and law breaking are extremely disturbing to many Americans and to others but there can be no true solutions to our problems unless and until we face our monsters realistically and call them exactly what they are.

To that end, here's a segment from earlier today with Thom Hartmann interviewing author Seth Abramson concerning Seth's latest book Proof of Conspiracy and the autocratic, anti-democratic 'leaders' now being organized into a global network of despots--and if they succeed they plainly have plans in mind for future restrictions.

And so as an astrologer who follows politics I must wonder: could the January 12, Saturn-Pluto Conjunction of compression, fanaticism, destruction, and reversals have anything to do with an increase of such strong-arm tactics? Abramson answers the question of What To Do? Plus, with the conjunction perfecting in Saturn-ruled Capricorn , sign of government, law, business, and investments, it will be surprising if the US government and our economy escapes unharmed especially considering how much damage is already done by Trump and his backers since they moved in and took over--and then there's Pluto in Capricorn determined to play "the dictator" Ebertin.

In Manly P. Hall's The Secret Teachings of All Ages we find that, the pentagram symbol 5-pointed star is "the time-honored symbol of the magical arts"..

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By means of the pentagram within his own soul, man may not only master and govern all creatures inferior to himself, but may demand consideration at the hands of those superior to himself. Will Order From Chaos occur and override Uranian Donald Trump who only knows how to 'govern' via chaos and who is overshadowed by lawsuits and investigations everywhere he turns? We can hope. This forms two pictures suggesting an unstable personality who is "gripped by forebodings. Of course, one of Trump's favorite planets, Mars 23Virgo , is in 2nd house as well and conjoins US natal Neptune , a time when unwise decisions are probable and getting to the bottom of things is difficult if not impossible.

Keeping a low profile is the best course of action but who would expect such moderation from attention-hound Trump? Especially since America's natal Mars-Neptune square of misguided action is activated by transit Mars to Neptune. Then with the anti-social Neptune-North-Node midpoint conjunct the Equinox MC we may expect that the help of others is needed in order to reach objectives, while someone is in seclusion though he may still be tweeting up a storm and calling heads of state on the phone for cozy chats.

The way you do. Above you see the DC Horoscope for Autumn Equinox which perfects when the Sun enters Libra on September 23 at am edt aka , the Libra Ingress ; highlighted in red is a stretched pentagram pattern pointing toward the Midheaven of the chart MC 14Tau54 which subsequently conjoins America's Presidential Oath of Office, the Ascendant, at noon on January 20th, the swearing in of a new president. The lower left point of the star conjuncts Trump's Neptune-Chiron-Jupiter trio in his natal 2nd house--closest to his Chiron and therefore the middle of his speculating, inflating, fraudulent Jupiter-Neptune midpoint.

With US n Saturn: combining the real with the unreal in activities; curtailed occult practices Munkasey. Also note that rising in 1st house is transit Nemesis 28Leo26 conjunct the natal Mars and Ascendant of Donald Trump which brings royal Regulus along as well: success if revenge is avoided--if not, every gain is taken away. Finally, is this a cosmic picture of a foe that's unbeatable for Teflon Trump? Note: you're welcomed to take exception to my use of the stretched pentagram shown here but let's proceed in case the pattern turns out to have relevance to events and to current crises at least until Winter Solstice occurs and 'takes over' in December.

If the pentagram is irrelevant, we'll find out by the time careens on into Now a pentagram is a 5th Harmonic pattern and with an exact one, all five points planets, points, etc would be conjunct in a 5th harmonic chart 'H5'. Yet pentagrams rarely turn up in horoscopes so I'm allowing a stretching for this one. For as you know, its symbolism has been used for centuries by secret societies, other organizations, and in sacred, gnostic, Kabbalistic, and satanic systems and beliefs.

In Christianity a pentagram often represents The Star of the Magi or, Star of Bethlehem and, as noted by Manly Hall in the quote, above , relates to man--and particularly to Leonardo da Vinci's illustration of the Vitruvian Man health, fitness, asteroid Hygeia , the practice of medicine. Issues of the 'balance between mind and body' are implied which suggests some of the public discourse prevalent concerning the health of Donald Trump.

So pentagrams also relate to the Mind of Man and Woman , the Fire element, to creative regeneration, and to those who are on a continual, adventurous quest upon which new, often unexpected events are encountered which may help rectify mistakes or past events--thus bringing order out of chaos. Plus, a definite spiritual component good vs evil is involved when a pentagram appears and there's often a 'brilliant bolt from the blue' that hints of erratic Uranus , The Witness, the Rebel, the Disrupter, the Maverick--and changes of direction become necessary.

Note that Uranus 5Tau55 Rx in 9th house is unaspected in this chart suggesting 'spurts of unusual behavior projected onto others'--Tierney. Also Sun unaspected indicates a self-involved person with no conscience. So does the Autumn EQ pentagram symbolize that someone new will appear on the scene, someone to counter Uranian Trump successfully?

If so, he or she may be characterized as a 'giant' who has the power to affect and manipulate global events either for good or evil. With Venus in Libra in the Election Horoscope , the incumbent party is expected to retain control of the presidency although the Venus Cycle didn't manage to block a couple of exceptions to the rule in past presidential elections. So the certainty that this must be Trump in isn't necessarily the case, I suppose, and certainly much has happened in recent weeks on the Trump-whistleblower-Ukrainian front to suggest more strongly and blatantly than ever how unfit for office Trump is.

Plus, Venus Cycle or no, if enough women, minorities, and Millennials vote Democrat, another Blue Wave could sweep his nibs out to sea.

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Yet it's also possible that his status as Teflon Trump , a Bacchus figure see 2nd house Sun 00Libra conjunct transit Bacchus! We know that major shifts are occurring around the world so is US global leadership becoming a thing of the past under agent Trump? So if someone 'new' intends to appear, let's hope our difficulties will abate soon even if they can't disappear all together especially since December 26, brings the world a Capricorn Solar Eclipse in the 3 South Saros Series with its authority-related karmic imperatives and the promise--whether we're ready for it or not--of traumatic transformation , a concept which is well supported by transit Pluto plodding through Saturn-ruled Capricorn, transforming structures and systems as he creeps toward and his position in our nation's July 4, chart.

Sep 30, Electoral College votes on December 14, Election Day: November 3, but the Real Deal Is Sealed on December 14th As it now stands, the Electors will vote for a new president and vice president or will re-elect the incumbents on December 14,