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We have a pure vegetarian restaurant, where the taste of the food items have earned massive appreciation by all classes. The guests always end up saying.. Simply Delicious!!! Varanasi is one of the oldest living cities in the world.

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Many names have been given to Varanasi, though its recently revived official appellation is mentioned in the Mahabharata and in the Jataka tales of Buddhism. It probably derives from the two rivers that flank the city, the Varuna to the north and the Asi to the south. Varanasi's prominence in Hindu mythology is virtually unrivaled.

A city where the past and present, eternity and continuity co-exist. The city of Banaras is situated on the west bank of the holiest of all Indian rivers, the Ganga or Ganges.

The Ganga is believed to have flown from heaven to wash away the worldly sins of the human race of mortals. It is well known that the planets with their large magnetic fields and gravitational interaction with the Earth, affect it physically. The Indian astrology defines the actual traits of an individual, marital compatibility and the future based on the position of planets at the time and place of birth.

Astrology retains a position among the sciences in modern India. Following a judgement of the Andhra Pradesh High Court in , some Indian universities offer advanced degrees in astrology.

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What is hindu astrology? Since no vehicles are allowed beyond Godowlia so you need to take up a 5 minute walk to reach Man Mahal Ghat. Nepali temple is situated at Lalita Ghat, and was constructed in the 19th century A. D by the late King of Nepal. The temple features a blend of intricate woodwork and red hued concrete which are brought from Nepal. A small Nandi statue sits outside the main sanctum, which houses the Pashupathinath Mahadev Lingam.

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Nepali Temple is one of the oldest Shiva Temples in Varanasi. During his exile, he decided to build a replica of Pashupatinath Temple in Varanasi.

During the construction, Shah moved back to Nepal. Located on the eastern bank of River Ganga, Ram Nagar Fort is a beautiful place to witness the sunset over the river. It is an 18th-century structure built by Maharaja Balwant Singh and is the ancestral home of Maharaja of Banaras. The fort is built in red sandstone. It houses a temple dedicated to Ved Vyasa, writer of Mahabharata, the great Indian epic.

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The Fort includes an eccentric museum boasting a royal collection of vintage cars, swords, palanquins, ivory works, an old weaponry section and an extremely unusual astrological clock. It also treasures manuscripts, especially religious writings, along with precious handwritten manuscripts by Goswami Tulsidas.

Many books illustrated in the Mughal miniatures style, with beautifully designed covers are also a part of the collection. There are five hundred and thirty-five illustrations expressing Islamic ethos, each having a decorative border with ornate floral designs or cartouches. The Dakshin Mukhi Hanuman Temple also located in it.

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Inside the giant walls of the Ram Nagar fort-palace, there is a big clock. This clock not only displays year, month, week and day but also astronomical facts about the sun, moon and constellation of stars.

Decoding Varanasi: Politics, religion and astrology

Owing to its rich cultural heritage, the fort has emerged as a prominent shooting destination for numerous Indian film makers. Ask your hotel for recommendations. Its kind of like a lottery though. Everyone claims their astrologer is the 'real deal'.